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Seven years ago, the scientific community was faced with its biggest challenge in millennia. The chromosomal anomaly popularly known as "Conduitism" made us re-examine all known paradigms of biology, chemistry, and everything in between. Uncertainty yielded panic and everyone was looking for answers.

That's where we come in.

BioFrame Diagnostics is the leading independent research center in the field of advanced Conduit Physiometrics. By isolating the proteins associated with Conduitism, we can assess an individual's propensity for developing the condition. While additional research is required to determine the specific timeframe and severity of one's potential transition into this other state of being, our latest self-exam has proven to be an invaluable leap forward.


Who We Are

Our team is comprised of the foremost experts in a wide array of disciplines. From cutting-edge technology to intimate case studies, our staff is moving forward on several fronts to eradicate the archaic stigmas of Conduitism.

We must replace ignorance with enlightenment if we are to evolve as a species.

The scientists and doctors who founded BioFrame Diagnostics did so for the good of humanity. Even if you do not know a Conduit personally, we all share a stake in the survival of our peoples. This is no time for politics or bureaucracy; this is the time for understanding.

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